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Book 12 Missing in Action

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There is no book 12 in the INNcredibly Sweet series. At first, that was entirely accidental. You see, when it came time to write book 12, I was out in California with my beloved mother, who was dying. Cancer took her much too soon, but she squeezed every bit of life that she could out of her days. She was brave and sweet and wonderful, despite her pain. Her last words to me were, “It’s going to be okay.”

Even in the midst of her suffering, she was thinking of me – my pain, my life – but then, she was always like that. She was selfless, always sacrificing for others, and her heart belonged to my father, who passed in 1991, and her children, who all miss her profoundly, to this day.

I wrote book 12, and published it during this difficult time, when I was so grief-stricken that I could barely make it through the day. When I published it, I mistakenly thought that it was Book 13. I needed a little lucky 13 in my life just then. I didn’t notice until after it had been out for a while that I’d numbered it incorrectly.

I thought about correcting it, I really did, but I made the conscious decision not to. That time of my life was turbulent and awful and heartbreaking, and my mom loved me through it. She wanted me to continue to do what I loved, even in the midst of my pain. She loved my stories, and I think was relieved that I’d finally found my niche.

Today, Book 12 is missing, and it will always remain that way. Its spot is reserved and will stay open, because it represents something that is missing for me. My mom. She’ll always be with me in spirit, and I feel her love even now, years after she left this earthly realm, but losing her was huge, and something I’ll never forget. The missing Book 12 reminds me of her love, and reminds me of how proud she was to have an author for a daughter. What a great life I’ve had, being raised and loved by that amazing woman. Cheers, Mom. Book 12 will forever be the story of your love.

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