Inncredibly Sweet Series

INNcredibly Sweet: Missy and Chas Series 2

The saga of Missy and Chas, the dynamic mystery-solving duo from the Frosted Love Cozy Mysteries series continues in this 2nd sweet cupcake series. With major life changes for both of them, and a relocation to a locale that you’re going to love to visit, the couple faces new and exciting situations that will have you on the edge of your seat!

Irish Creme Killer
Coconut Creme Killer
Caramel Creme Killer
Chai Cupcake Killer
Streusel Creme Killer
Peache and Creme Killer
Marshmallow Creme Killer
Boston Creme Killer
Bourbon Creme Killer
Spiced Latte Killer
Toffee Apple Killer
Missing INNcredibly Sweet book 12
Peppermint Mocha Killer
Sweetheart Killer
Killer Me Green
Blue Suede Killer