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How it all began...

Summer Prescott Books Publishing

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Summer Prescott Books Publishing was an accident that turned into a mission. I had been writing full-time for a year, for another indie publisher, and I decided that I wanted to self-publish. I still had some time left on my contract with the indie publisher, so I tried publishing by working with a brand new writer, Patti Benning. I figured that I could get my feet wet in publishing, and then, when my contract ended, I’d be able to publish my own books.

I selected a cover artist and a formatter, and I was terrified of failure. I read everything I could get my hands on, joined every indie author group that I could find, and started building social media platforms, feeling entirely out of my league. I edited the books myself (big mistake), and hit ‘Publish,’ hoping for the best. Against all odds, Patti’s first book hit the top ten in its genre and I was ecstatic!

Soon after, I began publishing my own books as well, and then Carolyn Q. Hunter joined our merry little band of authors. I was still editing every book myself, but realized that I needed to bring in a pro. I hired an editor, and was astonished that things had snowballed so quickly. We were producing books every week, and I was still trying to write, run a company and do final proofreading for all three authors. I was overwhelmed. Something had to give.

I’d never set out to become a publisher. I just wanted to get my books on the shelf and help others to do the same, and SPBP grew out of that desire. Once I got the hang of things, I began mentoring new authors as well, and I hired someone, who was as passionate as I am about writing and publishing, to be my assistant. When Gretchen Allen joined my team, I was still pretty darn clueless, but I was working hard and doing my best. We learned the business together, and though she started out as my assistant, she quickly became so much more. This amazing woman has grown into a fantastic writer and entrepreneur, and it’s been a magical thing to see her grow.

I’ve been fortunate to have worked with some of the best authors in the Cozy Mystery world. Some of them stayed for a while and went on to other things, some of them spread their wings as writers and started publishing on their own, and others have stayed with SPBP, giving us a healthy brand and a wide variety of books. It gives me such joy to see all of them grow and succeed, knowing that I was so lucky to have been a part of their writing life, even if for just a while.

Summer Prescott Books Publishing is dedicated to two things – working with top talent - helping them to realize their potential, and creating a delightful experience for our readers. The two go hand in hand. We are committed to producing quality content, so that readers will know that when they pick up an SPBP book, they can expect an entertaining read that has been written and edited with utmost care.

I’m so grateful for amazing writers and awesome readers. I never intended to become a publisher, but now that it happened…I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our Story

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