Papa Pacelli's Series

Eleanora Pacelli takes over her late grandfather’s pizzeria in a small New England town, and soon finds herself mired in mysteries. These delicious tales will have you reaching for another slice of murder and mayhem!

Pall Bearers and Pepperoni
Bacon Cheddar Murder
Very Veggie Murder
Italian Wedding Murder
Smoked Gouda Murder
Gourmet Holiday Murder
Four Cheese Murder
Hand Tossed Murder
Exotic Pizza Murder
Fiesta Pizza Murder
Garlic Artichoke Murder
On the Wings of Murder
Mozzarella and Murder
A Thin Crust of Murder
Pretzel Pizza Murder
Parmesan Pizza Murder
Breakfast Pizza Murder
Halloween Pizza Murder
Thanksgiving Pizza Murder
Christmas Pizza Murder
A Crispy Slice of Murder
Lobster Pizza Murder
Pizza Weddings and Murder
Pizza Paradise and Murder
Meat Lovers and Murder
Classic Crust Murder
Hot Spicy Murder
Pork Pizza and Murder
Chicken Alfredo Murder
Jalapeno Pizza Murder
Pesto Pizza Murder
Sweet Chili Murder
A Melted Morsel of Murder
A Saucy Taste of Murder
A Crunchy Crust of Murder
Shrimply Sublime Murder
Boldly Basil Murder
Spooky Pizza Murder
A Jingle of Murder
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