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Missy and Chas Extras

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Missy Miscellaneous: The rest of the stories.

Every so often, there has to be a book written that’s a bit outside the scope of an existing series. These books were the result of that need. Cookies and Crime was a transition book between the Cupcakes in Paradise series and the Calgon Chronicles. A Match Made in Murder is the story of the Medical Examiner that Missy and Chas call upon to provide insight into some of the worst murder cases that they encounter. I’m sure there will be more of these types of books, so stay tuned.

Missy Miscellaneous

Cookies and Crime

Character Extras

Character Sketches:

Ever read a book and want to know more about a certain character? I know I do, and because of that, I write books that give readers more in-depth info about their favorite characters. You’ll find those here.

Chas by Choice
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