Darling Deli Series

Deli owner and single mom, Moira Darling, somehow manages to find herself repeatedly being drawn into the miry midst of murder investigations in her small town. You’ll love reading about the delicious dishes and super sleuthing in this fast-paced and exciting Cozy Mystery series!

Darling Deli Box.jpg
Pastrami Murder
Cornd Beef Murder
Cold Cut Murder
Grilled Cheese Murder
Chicken Pesto Murder
Thai Coconut Murder
Tomato Basil Murder
Salami Murder
Hearty Homestyle Murder
Honey BBQ Murder
Beef Brisket Murder
Garden Vegetable Murder
Spicy Lasagna Murder
Curried Lobster Murder
Creamy Casserole Murder
Grilled Rye Murder
A Quiche to Die For
A Side of Murder
Wrapped in Murder
Glazed Ham Murder
Chicken Club Murder
Pies, Lies and, Murder
Mountains, Marraige, and Murder
Shrimply Murder
Gazpacho Murder
Peppered With Murder
Ravioli Soup Murder
Thanksgiving Deli Murder
A Season of Murder
Valentines and Murder
Shamrocks and Murder
Sugar Coated Murder
Murder My Darling
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