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Diner of the Dead Series

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Diner of the Dead: Sonja – Series One

In this delightful paranormal Cozy Mystery series, aspiring writer Sonja Reed returns to her small hometown of Haunted Falls, Colorado, and agrees to take charge of her favorite local diner. Chaos ensues when she discovers that she has a rather unusual ability, which leads to her involvement in investigating a series of local murder cases. This spooky series will have you looking over your shoulder at strange noises and jumping when things go bump in the night.

Boxed Set


Books in Series

The Wicked Waffle
Battered and Buttered Waffle
Sinister Strawberry Waffle
Thw Wayward Waffle
Pumpkin Pie Waffle
Turkey and Terror
Creepy Christmas Waffle
Birthday Cake Waffle
Spooky Sweetheart Waffle
Eerie Irish Waffle
Savory Spring Waffle
Benedict Waffle
Scary Sausage Waffle
Murderous Mocha Waffle
Red Velvet Waffle
High Steaks Waffle
Hole in One Waffle
Fireworks and Waffles
Games, Ghouls, and Waffles
Waffling in Murder
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