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Allyssa Mirry

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Parties on the Pier


When someone goes off the deep end…
Sometimes what appears to be an accident, could be murder.
Event planner, Penelope Wilks stays busy with parties, even throughout the Jersey shore’s often blustery winter. Her business, Parties on the Pier, manages to thrive, with holiday celebrations and other occasions keeping her on her toes.

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Sticky Sweet
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Sticky Sweet Series 

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Sometimes life’s a beach.
Ever bitten off more than you can chew?
Lydia Doherty owns a saltwater taffy shop on the Jersey Shore boardwalk, and there’s no end to sticky situations for her to unravel, saving her business and her community. The amateur sleuth has her work cut out for her in this tasty Cozy Mystery series! 

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Diva Doggie
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Diva Doggie Series

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Doggie Diva Fashion Designer, Daphne Harmon, has launched her doggie design business, and it’s off to a great start.
Things go terribly awry, however, when murders pop up all around her. The amateur sleuth is determined to get to the bottom of each one, all the while providing sweet costumes for her furry friends. See how Daphne unravels the clues and sometimes gets into sew much trouble!



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