Susie Gayle

Pet Shop Series


Small town scandals abound in this fun and furry series, which revolves around a Pet Store, owned by amateur sleuth, Will Sullivan. Fast-paced and funny, this Cozy Mystery series is a rollicking ride for pet lovers!

Three Barks for Murder
A Basket of Murder
Five Mews of Murder
Pugs,Thugs and Murder
A Hiss of Murder
A Woof of Murder
Puzzles, Puggles, and Murder
Ruffed Up Murder
Cheep Shot Murder
A Splash of Murder

Breaking News Series

Headline News can be absolute murder.
Television News Editor, Devon Harvey, has her hands full, making sure that the evening news goes out without a hitch.
When she starts digging into murder cases, however, police eye her suspiciously and small-town gossip bears down on her, making it imperative that she find the true killer. Her hilarious pal JB, and her cat Mozzie join her in a fast-paced and sometimes humorous hunt for the facts.
Will her death be the next headline?

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